Friday, 25 October 2013

New Idea!!

Use a fold away bed and put it in a falling down room in the house. Then we can put it outside as a background change and she can be still sat on the bed. 

Shot number - 2 

Time Management

This is our time management line. We will keep updating as time goes by.



Thursday, 24 October 2013

Costumes - Music Video

The costumes will have - 

  • A winter feel for the main character to wear something simple.
  • The animal masks will be dressed in normal everyday clothing to add to the weird look of seeing people dressed with animal masks. 
Here is some inspiration for the ideas: 


This is our prop list for our music video.
  • Guitar - Already sorted
  • Animal Masks - Party shop
  • Camp fire - Already have a location and supplies from me
  • Fireworks - Parents will buy

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Health & Safety - Music Video

  • Because we have decided to have a camp fire scene this is obviously a health and safety risk. To minimise this risk we are making sure that there is a reasonable distance that the cast stay away from the fire. 
  • We will have a adult around at all times to keep and eye and also start the fire for us. 
  • When we have finished with the fire we will make sure that it is put out properly. An adult will do this for us. 
  • Fire extinguishers will be nearby just in case there is a accident that is caused. 
  • To light these fireworks we will have a responsible adult to do this for us.
  • The fireworks will be lit from a distance to that if there is any problems they won't be near anybody.

  • We will have life safety floats, so if anyone falls in we will have something to throw at them and help get them out. 
  • The cast won't be standing near the edge of the lake.

  • To reduce the risk of people tripping on the wires, we will tape the wires to the floor.

Music Pitch - Feedback

During our pitch everyone wrote down what they thought was positive about and also negative about our idea. 


  • They liked the idea of our video. 
  • Target audience has been chosen correctly.
  • The animal masks they really like and its different.
  • Seems realistic.
  • They like that we planned our locations.
  • Like the animals stalking the main character idea.

  • Electricity - Getting the light to the trees, they thought that this would be a problem and we need to think of a way to solve this. 
  • Lighting - Issue with filming when it gets dark is to find a place that we can use to power the lights. 
  • What time we film - This is because of the light.
  • Props could be a bit of a challenge.

Media Pitch



This is me and Jack's music video pitch, for each of the slides we gave an idea of what our ideas were and what we used.

This shows where we got our inspiration from. We played the song we chose to the group and asked them to draw or write what should happen in the music video. From this we circled ideas that we liked and used them to plan our opening video and also some extra ideas that we think we might add.
Another inspiration for this music video from the film "The Wicker Man".

Mood Board:
Our mood board shows what we want to put in our music video. Some of the pictures represent the autumn/wintery time that we will be filming in. We want fireworks and fire to create a colour and warmth in this video. 

This slide shows where we plan to film parts of our music video. Most of the video will be shot mostly outside. The bedroom we want to create a mostly empty room that doesn't have much in it, the animals will be filmed in the corner of the room, so we feel that this will create a slightly creepy feel to the shot. 

In this video we have shown what we want the people in our video to dress like. We will have one main character which will be a girl and we have planned a simple winter look for her throughout the video. There will be 4 or 5 people dressed in these animal costumes. 

These are the props that we have chosen for our music video. We want the smoke machine to be used so we can have the animals appearing behind the girl. The guitar we will have one person playing it and they will be in random shots that you see throughout the video. The fireworks we want to use in the camp fire scene, they will add a little more colour to the video. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Music Video Idea's 2

  1. Have the strange animal masks in the video.
  2. Start in a slightly empty bedroom, have have the camera pan round the bed to get a glimpse of the animals sat in the corner. 
  3. In most shots we will have the animals lurking somewhere either in the background or close enough to see. 
  4. Have the animals following the main character. 
These are just some of the ideas we have come up with so far for out music video.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Music Video Ideas

The Wicker Man - Where we got the ideas for the strange masks from for the video.